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Match Pre-registration software

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Our web site is hosted by GoDaddy.com and i have their ASP form-mailer script enabled. I created an HTML page to collect the user data, and when they submit, it emails me an excel spreadsheet with the shooters info I laid out in the html page. Only issue is it has about a max of a 15 minute delay from submit until I receive it...but that is just the process interval time.

So i created an html page, placed it and the proper sripts provided by GoDaddy in my web site home folder and presto...I get email registrations for matches.

hope it helps!

Edit to add: To see web page, go here RCPS and click on match Pre-registration in the left hand column.

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We started using Form Stack this year and it's worked out quite well. You can set a limit on entries after which point it will display a custom message saying it's full. You can set it up to email back to the person registering to confirm. You can download all the registrations. Really quite flexible.

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