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Plyometrics With a Pistol


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I had this in my Range Diary and thought I would start a thread of its own. I have been doing it every other day or so since I tried it the first time. It hurts but transitions feel much more snappier and I am seeing my sights better (tracking) with lots of body movement.

Plyometrics with a Pistol (P90X)

I got crazy and did Plyo with my pistol. For those who know whatP90X is you will know what I am writing about. It was a brutal workout, it really hurt. I put up two mini metric targets up on the wall on either side of the T.V. so that I had to transition on every squat. When I went into the squat or other motion I would bring up the gun from where the weak hand meets the strong hand after the draw, I then extended and found the A-Box with my sights. At first my sights were all over the place but in no time I was able to shoot A's as I figured out what I needed to do to see the sights on the A-Box. Basically I really had to focus on my core in order to "shoot" an Alpha. On other portions of the workout such as the swing kicks over the stool and the "circle run" I just planted the sights on the A-Box and held them there as long as I could. My arms where burning and the gun felt like a brick.

Plyo is a pretty rough workout to begin with. I can do it without the gun but add the gun and it goes to a whole other level. I then had to focus on getting an Alpha and not just on the workout itself, that was pretty tough. I tried to maintain the rhythm of the video and did pretty well but admit that it was pushing it, trying to drive a gun while doing something this intense. I am sure that it will get easier the more that I do it, I and going to try to add the pistol into a few other routines. Another thing that I thought of was doing a reload from a "table" after a squat, basically doing a squat, come up and reload from the table as you are going along with the video. Another idea thorws in transitions between weak hand and strong hand. I am sure there are a million differen things I can throw in.

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Hmm that sounds like an interesting idea. So what do you do during the guitar hero hops? Do you have the pistol in the fingering hand, or the strumming hand?

I was myself considering gun kata:

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