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9 major - Bear Creek Moly coated bullets


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I just want to know if anyone has tried using the Bear Creek Moly coated bullets for reloading 9x19 major ammo for open guns. Can lead bullets be used for open major loads? Bear creek bullets, they are really cheap :) Im thinking of using BC for practice ammo.


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If your goal is to end up with a comp full of lead, shooting lead or moly will do that.

Highly advise not going that route unless you don't mind cleaning your comp out after every 100 rounds or less.

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I wondered the same thing. I ended up trying it out just because I had a few thousand left over from my 9mm

I run it in my .38 super open gun. I've tried VV N350 and HS-6 with decent results. The HS-6 would probably work in 9 major.

My loads to make major in 38 super we're 7.3gr of N350 and 8.2 of HS-6 @1.240" with the 125RN.

Leading in the comp wasn't as bad running exposed bottom jacketed bullets.

I've pretty much stuck with this bullet as its much cheaper than equivalent jacketed bullets.

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I started shooting some Bayou Bullets 135 grain with 6.3 grains of autocomp. Only been through 200 rounds but no leading whatsoever. I'll keep going with it until I see some. It chronoed at 166 so I will need to bump a little bit but I just started with this load. I'm also new to open so the only comparison I have is 124 grain montana gold cmj at 6.9 grains of AC. They are close enough for me. The 124s are at 170 pf though.

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It must be the Major velocity/pressure.

I have been shooting lead in compensated 9x21 and .38 Supers for several decades and never had any lead in the compensator.

Over the last 5 years, I have shoot several thousand Precision "Black Bullets" at max load in my .38 Supers, still with no leading.

Like most things in life, YMMV.

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