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Those of you shooting heavy and using pmags, do you carry them with bullets forward, or bullets rearward?

I'm thinking about making some pmag holder's with tek lok attachment but not sure if bullets forward or rearward are wanted more than the other.

Thinking top of the mag will be at roughly top of the belt and out maybe 1/2 inch or so from the belt to make grabbing easier.

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Bullets to the front for me. I like keeping both my handgun and rifle mags facing the same direction as I try to grasp them and load them the same way.

Whether it be forward or rearward will depend on your preference and how you grasp your mag while loading it. Here are a couple of things to try (providing that your right handed and load with your left hand):

1) If you grasp your mag from your belt as your would with a handgun mag (by the bottom with your index finger going along the front side of the mag) and load it similar to your handgun mag, then it would be easier to go with the bullets facing forward.

2) If you grasp your mag from the side and load it with your thunb on the rear side and your other fingers on the front side, then it would be easier to to go with the bullets facing rearward.

Play around with it and see which works best for you.

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