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DP Ice magwell on Kimber


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Last night I put the DP Ice magwell (gap version) on my Kimber Gold Match II. Really speeds up reloads. Much better than with the S&A magwell I had on it. The ETM mag basepads are a little short for the Ice (actually level with the magwell), making it hard to consistently seat the mag during reloads. So I ordered the DP basepads for my ETM mags, which from what I've read should help.

Install was super simple. DP makes some good stuff! :cheers:

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The only problem with the base pads is that they're shave at an angle..

So if your palm is just a bit to forward on the base bad you can still fail to fully seat the mag :(

I noticed that. I believe it's to help insure it fits in the box, correct? I thought I would try them first before I started experimenting with other methods of extending the basepads. :cheers:

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I thought I would post a couple of pics with the DP Ice magwell, and DP's ETM basepads on my Kimber. Even at the front of the mag, the DP basepads still extend below the magwell, whereas the ETM basepads were level with the bottom of the magwell. Mag changes now seem to be as smooth as, well, ice. :roflol:



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