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Old Knees


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This past Sunday at North Mountain, I was last shooter on last stage of the day. I got off 5 shots when my left knee suddenly gave out, with a great deal of pain. I managed to stand back up (keeping safe at all times) but could not focus on shooting the next target for the pain, and fear of falling again. I surrendered and quit the stage. Today, I can finally hobble around fairly well, though the knee has given out a few times. X-rays and MRI completed, and appt with orthopedist set for next week. Initial diagnosis is the issue is "degenerative." Great.

Won't know until next week what the rest of the story is. But what truly sucks is I'm registered for Area 8, in just 9 days. Right now I don't see that happening.

I must add that my squad mates were super. They gave me ice, made sure I got my gear into my car, and even brought my car to me. The match directors even checked up on me the next day.

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I hope you find relief. In the last few days I have finally made the decision to limit the sport I truly enjoy to a local match or two that have very little movement. Most of my gear has been or will soon be sold and I will compete when I can with carry gear and some older stuff I will keep.

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If it's bad arthritis it might be time to start thinking about getting some new knees.

+1 and don't wait too long! I had a complete knee replacement. The doctors wanted me to wait 15yrs back then. I waited 10yrs until I couldn't wait any longer and ended up screwing my knee even worst. Not to mention after favoring your bad leg your other knee gets damaged also.

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