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  1. The USPSA Area 8 match was my first major, and I think my third match ever. As the match director told me, "You're not going to win, so have fun and don't fret over it."
  2. Interesting to see this thread. I blacken the front SIG Night Sight on all three SIG pistols I use in competition. (P226, Compact and Full Size P320s.) I find I lose the edge of the sight when I see the white dot. Currently I just refresh with the black marker I keep in my range bag, but it's a bit glossy. As an aside I tried a black front site from Dawson on the P226 once, but found it too thin. My preference is wide front sight, and black. An outcast in a world of thin fiber optic from sights. :-)
  3. Anyone use the Proears Gold (30 NRR) with a rifle or shotgun? Only shoot rifle or shotgun occasionally, but hoping the shape/size isn't prohibitive of when I do. I shoot indoors often and seem to end up in the lane next to a guy shooting a rifle a lot, hence the desire for max NRR. Thanks.
  4. Rule 3.6.3 A specifically states there can be only one fault line per point of cover. The MD needs to read the rule book. Making stuff up doesn’t cut it.
  5. No, you may not. Fault lines delineate cover. They do not eliminate cover. 3.2.4 If targets are hidden by cover, the targets are engaged as they become visible around the edge of cover (slicing the pie). You still have to "slice the pie" even if you can see al the targets.
  6. wgj3, it's quite possible you saw it used, that's for sure! Especially early in the year MDs were trying lots of things as everyone worked to understand. Somewhere there's a youtube video showing the barrel idea very well. I know too well about the confusion over cover/fault lines. The very first match I shot under the new rules I shot an array of targets out of priority because I could see them all! Big ol' PE. :-) Cheers.
  7. The rules specifically prohibit multiple fault lines at same location. 3.6.3 A. Fault Lines are used to ensure a shooter is behind cover when engaging targets from a Position of Cover (PoC). There will only be one Fault Line at each PoC, and that line applies to all targets engaged from that PoC. The way around that is to add something like a barrel to require a move to see additional targets.
  8. There are no cover calls. The rules call for fault lines now. If you go over the line, it's a PE. You still have to shoot the targets in priority, but per the rules, it doesn't matter if you can see all the targets or not. A good MD will ensure the stages are designed to require movement to see additional targets, but the rules do not require use of "cover."
  9. I keep logs of range trips and of dry fire practice. I also keep a more extensive "journal' of match experiences. Ala, Lanny Bassham, I prefer a positive approach, with reminders and wins. Instead of "I didn't have my gun up when coming into position," I record "Remember to get gun up when coming into position." And I always write down the good stuff that happened, "Ran with grace." (Ok, that never happens.) "Made smooth target transitions." I never want to go back and read about what sucked. If I failed at something, I make sure to log what I will do to improve rather than what sucked.
  10. http://www.cavrpc.org/idpa.htm http://grbuspsa.com/ http://www.rivannaap.org/ http://fredericksburgps.com/ http://blackcreeksteel.wordpress.com/ http://www.colonialshooting.com/rva/idpa/
  11. Yes. The decision now is between sending one at a time, or all at once.
  12. Score : check Timer: check Classifications: check Divisions: check Yep, it's a game.
  13. The email also noted, "We will begin sending information and labels required for returning your P320 throughout October and November." I wouldn't expect to hear anything else until "throughout October and November." Frankly, I'm surprised to actually see it that soon. I can't imagine the logistics behind this.
  14. Enter the serial number and click the "Validate Serial Number" button. It's the next thing on the form. Once you validate an eligible number, the SKU and rest of form comes up.
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