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Monthly 3-Gun at Rio Salado

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Folks are telling me I should post more info about the monthly 3-gun match we run at Rio Salado. The match is held on the 2nd Saturday every month. This month's match was yesterday - June 11th - and you can see my match video on YouTube.

Next month's match will be on July 9th. Start time is 7am, with new shooter orientation at 7:30am. We run this match under these IMA rules. Our usual format is 3 short-range shotgun and/or rifle stages, plus 1 long-range rifle stage. We usually try to include a small amount of pistol too so folks can practice their transitions, but this is always optional. Bring 150 rounds of rifle ammo, 50 shotgun birdshot (#6 or smaller) and a few boxes of shotgun slugs and buckshot just in case.

A few of you are already following us on Twitter (@RioSalado3Gun). Sign up to stay informed of all the latest match news. Don't worry - I promise I won't be sending out any photos of me in my "drawers". :roflol:

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$14 for member, $16 for non members. The "buck equals an extra run" days are gone.

This is a really good match with lots of clever and challenging stage design. It has improved since it became a true 3 gun match as opposed to just the rifle-shtogun match. Keep up the good work, guys!

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