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Sales Tax on FFL Transfer?

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Are FFL holders in Washington State required to charge sales tax on the gun they are transferring into their store?

The dealer is not selling the gun....I am. I understand charging tax on the $25 or so transfer fee, but not on the gun itself.

When I lived there, I remember arguing this very thing with a dealer..he finally admitted it was just a ploy to make some money on the transfer.

Anybody know whether the law has changed?

I'm not going to rummage through the RCWs for it; I'd like to hear from someone who lives there and has done a transfer recently.....

Aristotle? RickB? Tdean?


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No tax if bought online or through another person unless it is purchased within that state and the SELLER is supposed to collect the tax...not the FFL.

Total scam. Having said that, I don't live there or hold a FFL from that state. :D

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Here is ca the ca doj sent out letters to ffl's saying they need to start collect sales tax and estimated value of the guns they are transferring from out of state. Some ffl's collect and others don't. I transfer my guns from those that don't.

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