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didn't use my head

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I bought a Vanek trigger out of the classifieds here a week or so ago. I got it in the mail yesterday when I got home from work. I installed it right away. I was pretty happy with the feel of it and it seemed to be working fine. I went to shoot a USPSA match today, a small local match, First stage, about 4 rounds in...failure to fire. First one I have had since I started shooting and re-loading. Second one with my reloads because my son had one a month ago. A few more rounds in and click...another one. 3 total on the first stage. On the second stage none.... Third stage 2 more, forth stage 1 and last stage at least 4 maybe 5.... Lesson, dont mess with your gun the night before a match! :surprise:

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I too learned that the hard way, changed the barrel on my shotgun that worked fine on Saturday and it didn't function at all at the match on Sunday. Took it apart and put it back together and it worked perfectly today. :rolleyes:

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