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need 2011 help!

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Hey all,

if you follow my posts, you probably know that I am, in fact, insane! I just ordered my first serious 2011. My goal is to get good with it and run in limited next season. I'm shooting SS now, have done production and IDPA before. Looking to shoot it in 3 gun for fun, too.

It's a Fusion fit 2011 with 12 oz lightened 6" slide and barrel. All the other guts are good parts, and I hope to have it in hand soon (so no pics quite yet).

My questions are, how do I make it look way more bad-ass?!?! It's in the white, so I will shoot it this season and send it out for a Christmas present to me. What is the best way to get it finished and look fast? (If I'm not going to win, I want to at least look like I should be winning). I want a nice finish that holds up well, and doesn't cost more than my SS Gun.

ALso, what can I do to make the grips awesome? It's a stock, un cut, un fit black 2011 grip with fusion logo. I will need it cut and colored somehow, for sure. I'm looking for suggestions.

Yes, I know I should spend this money on ammo and practice. I have money for that. I just wanna look great in the loser circle as I start winning my way to the top! :sight:

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