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Well, I finally did it. I ordered an Aimpoint Micro a few days ago. It should arrive early next week. Unfortunately, I missed out on the $299 R-1 from Midway, but I was able to find one for $350, including shipping.

I can't wait for it to arrive!!

I've been using an Aimpoint XD in 7moa (I think) for a very long time, and been pretty happy. I did have some troubles with muzzle blast on the lens, and the switch failing. However, the XD had finally gotten so much wear and tear on it (mostly the lens) that I was looking for an alternative.

I know that C-More has a fine product, and works well with the 90deg mount. However, they are just butt-ugly. I'd been thinking about an Aimpoint for a very long time, but was worried about the 3ish moa dot, and the generally small size of the tube. I did not relish the idea of spending $400-$500 on an Aimpoint and mount, then not liking it.

So I devised a plan. It was mostly successful with a few hickups along the way. I thought I'd share.

My open gun is a Tanfoglio Gold Team in 38 super. After struggling with magazines and nose dives for a very long time, I finally discovered the real problem was a bur low on the feed ramp. After fixing that, it's been running like a champ. No more need for TJ brass and a U-Die. It just eats 'em up. My Gold Team has always had crazy hard ejection, tossing the brass 20 feet or more. During previous experiments with traditional C-More mounts, and even observing brass marks on my CompXD, I knew I might be prone to ejection problems (hitting the mount or scope). Indeed, I did have an occassional stovepipe (especially when swinging the gun toward the ejecting brass).

I knew an Aimpoint Micro would be the ultimalte solution to getting the highest ejection reliability. Another reason to try one. Still, a $500 experiment is scary.

I decided to try a clone instead <gasp>. Please don't chide me, I know it was a gamble, but only a $100 gamble. My thougt process was as follows:

1. The Primary Arms clone is earning good reviews. Dot brightness was considered the best of 'the clones'.

2. The owner said he would refund or replace it in the event of mechanical failure.

3. It would be an excellent sight for a rimfire rifle/pistol or even my airsoft practice pistol, if it didn't work on my open gun.

4. At the very least, I could determine if the scope diameter and dot size were OK for me.

So, I bought one and mounted it on my Gold Team. It looked really good, and the dot was reasonably bright. It was easy to zero, and seemed to hold it well. This is when I had the first hickup. At a local match, half way through a Texas star, it fell off. Thunk, right into the wet gravel and dirt. Upon further inspection of the sight and stripped screws, I figured it was half my fault, and half poor quality. I had used the factory screws to attach it to my DAA mount. The screws and the aluminum body of the sight had stripped, so it was obvious the quality was not as high as it could have been. However, I also found that the DAA mount is thicker than the factory base, and therefore the screws were not getting as many turns into the sight. Longer better screws were the answer.

Since then, I've used the sight at three matches, and have been very happy with it. I like the low sight height, the excellent ejection, and the tube is almost invisible while shooting.

As the summer broke here in Oregon (sort of) I found that the dot brightness (combined with the size) was barely good enough. In direct sunlight, I could index on the dot OK, but found myself noticing that it did not 'just appear' like usual. A stranger at the range had a real Aimpoint on his Mini-14, and after doing a side-by-side comparison, the Primary Arms is obviously not as bright. It is very bright, but just not quite enough for super sunny days.

So, here's what I learned:

1. I really like the form factor, mounting height, and great ejection.

2. The 3moa dot is not an issue for me.

3. The clone's dot is almost bright enough. If it were larger, it would be OK, if it were brighter it would be OK.

So, the real Aimpoint Micro is on the way, and I'm SURE that I will like it. No buyer's remorse for me.

The clone is going on the airsoft gun, where I needed one anyway. My son and I have taken up 'garage airsoft IPSC' recently, and I need it to look and feel like my real gun.

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So, the real Aimpoint Micro is on the way, and I'm SURE that I will like it. No buyer's remorse for me.

You will love it

If not there are alot of AR and AK guys who would love to take it off your hands

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stupid question, why does the mount on the gun in the youtube video have the support on the same side as the ejection port? why would it not be on the other side? keep in mind I have no idea what I am talking about, I have never even held an open gun

edit... I looked again and I see you would have to mount the aim point backwards to put it on the other side...

Edited by Paul-the new guy
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You are correct, the aimpoint is made so that it must be mounted from the right side or bottom side. Other mounts put the sight 'upright', but they keep the dot a little farther away from the barrel. Closer is better.

If you notice, the sight is far enough forward that the ejection port is clear of interference.

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