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  1. I know. There is a HUGE thread on the best trigger for PCCs. I have found, however, that the best trigger often depends upon the specific bolt you are running. So my question is.......for you GMR-15 users using the JP Bolt Carrier Group......what trigger has worked well? Are there any triggers that HAVE NOT worked well? FYI, my stock trigger is Kaput. So please exclude stock trigger answers. I am looking for a drop in unit. Many thanks, in advance.
  2. I shoot PCC with standard ear plugs. When I shoot .223, I put the over ear protection on and had the same issue as you. I solved this by going to a slightly higher optic mount. The difference between co-witness height and lower third co-witness height is more significant than you think. A "close" check weld vs a "looser" one. It may not work, but it is worth a try if you have a collection of optic mounts like I do.
  3. Thank you. Saw that link. LIttle mention of the Holosun unit.
  4. I have used the Crimson Trace CMR-206 green laser in matches. The laser seems as bright as current laws allow and I am satisfied with the brightness considering. It holds zero really well too. The problem is that I rarely use my lasers in matches--usually only for really big leans where I can't get the rifle on my shoulder. My club has a lot of Open shooters who hate PCC and we do get a number of stages with huge leans or tight quarters designed to trip up PCC shooters (please don't get me started). But when I do use the CMR-206, the failure rate seems really high. Once a battery died on me despite being a new battery and hardly having any use on it. The most recent time the unit just stopped working. With Murphy's Law, both failures were in matches when I needed the laser the most. I have an email into Crimson Trace for warranty and I am waiting a response. The Holosun LS177G is two to three times as expensive. But does anyone have experience with it? Some questions: 1) Is it as bright as the CMR-206? 2) Is it reliable? 3) How is the quality of the mounting? Does it hold zero? 4) How is the battery life? Many thanks in advance!
  5. Hi Mike, Sorry for not responding sooner. I got no email notification. I am at 3.6 grains of N320 under a 147 grain bullet (1.13 OAL). About 142 PF. I recognize that this is pretty stout. I am moving to 3.8 grains of N320 under a 124 grain bullet (1.10 OAL). About 133 PF. all bullets are plated or jacketed. I had ZERO symptoms. I found the broken firing pin when I cleaned the gun.
  6. I ordered two JP firing pins and they sent me a free one under warranty. They are supposed to be the new style. To my eye, they look exactly like my old ones though. Does anyone have pictures (or can you describe) how the new firing pin differs from the old one? My old one (broken) is in the trash.....
  7. If I line up a target at 25 yards and move my head so that the dot moves closer to the edge of the optic.......the dot moves 2 to 3 inches off target. I have not done more experimenting than that.
  8. You can see parallax on any optic. Take your optic off your rifle and put it on your kitchen counter. Line the dot up with a small target. Now take your hands off the optic so it just sits on the kitchen counter and cannot move. Move your head around and look through the optic. Push the dot to the edges of the glass. You will see that the dot moves around and may actually come off the target. Of course, the optic and target are not moving, so what you are seeing is parallax error. It sounds terrible, but it is not as important as one might think. So long as your eye is directly behind the optic, you will never have an issue. But when you are in awkward positions and your eye is not directly behind the optic.....parallax error comes into play. These guys studied this and found that EO Techs were the best for reducing parallax error. https://www.greeneyetactical.com/2017/07/27/comparative-study-of-red-dot-sight-parallax/ Again (before anyone jumps all over me)......the only way this would affect you is if your eye was significantly out of position behind the optic. You will look through your optic and say "whoa this optic is crap" but will rarely be forced into weird positions where this comes into play.
  9. Yes--I love it. Great field of view. Very clear glass. 1 MOA dot, but when you turn up the brightness, it really stands out (very bright). Easy to mount and zero. Great controls. No extra mount needed. Lower 1/3 cowitness height which is great. Great battery life. Downsides. Expensive. Not the lightest option. More parallax than I would like (really only the EO Techs are great here in my experience).
  10. I am the OP of this gigantic thread. ? Just as an FYI, I went with the C-More 8 MOA and loved it. Except that anything that bumped the optic would shift its zero. I went to the Leupold LCO and absolutely love it. Huge field of view, great battery life, small 1 MOA dot, very BRIGHT dot to overcome the smallness of the dot, very ergonomic controls, holds zero, etc.. But I imagine that the cost of this optic turns a lot of guys off.
  11. I run a JP GMR-15 and I managed to break the JP firing pin after just 600 rounds. I just sent an email to JP and I am sure that they will send me a new one. They have always been super cool about stuff like this. However, for a backup......I was thinking of trying the Wilson Combat bullet proof firing pin. Does anyone know if that will work with a JP GMR-15 bolt? Also, does the WIlson Combat pin live up to its "unbreakable" marketing hype? Many thanks!
  12. Decided to run the kinaesthetic angles grip from Bravo Company. I love it. After two days of dry fire, I can already see that my concerns about inconsistent grip were not founded. With a little practice, you hit the grip every time.
  13. Thanks, Longbeard. I will say this----I already own 2 complete JPs. They are great guns, but one thing that drives me NUTS is that they use red (not blue) loctite all over their guns. I recently placed an order for a GMR-15 and asked them to "hold the red loctite" since I would be changing a few parts out. They refused. I cancelled the order. The red loctite just makes it just a nightmare to take them apart if you are changing out their (way overweight and too thick) handguards, for example. I once tried to swap out a buffer tube and found that red loctite was there too which makes NO sense since there is a staked castle nut there..... The high prices of JPs and their stubborness on issues such as this are what prompted this thread. So I won't be buying a complete GMR-15.
  14. Thank you for this and the PM. I saw these parts, but California FFLs are skittish on taking COMPLETE lowers much less something incomplete. I have a couple of emails out to FFLs and am waiting to see what they will take.
  15. How is that working for you? Probably 3 out of 4 of my reloads are fine. Then the 4th one is so stuck that I have to use my thumb to drop the mag and I get a 5 second reload.
  16. Would LOVE it if you were right, but the rifle builder does not show the lower being available by itself. I also emailed JP last year and they refused to sell a lower by itself which is strange since they do this for most other guns. Not to gripe, but this is wrong headed of JP. The GMR-13 had minor issues which were corrected in the GMR-15. They seem to want GMR-13 owners to just buy a complete GMR-15. I won't do it. Time to buy from another maker.
  17. It looks like a lot of gun makers will not sell a lower independent of an upper (e.g., JP). I am interested in getting a lower and mating it with a GMR-13 upper that I already have. Does anyone know of a company that sells complete, Glock-compatible lowers? Looking for something that has a good mag release (I absolutely hate the mag release in the GMR-13 I have). Some thing that feeds well, reloads well and has a trigger that will reliably reset. A good trigger would be nice, but I can always go aftermarket for that. I have seen that QC-10 sells a pistol lower which I am not even sure is legal for me in CA. This was my first choice, but I am wondering if there are other options. Thanks in advance.
  18. One feature overlooked thus far........less optic-bore offset.
  19. Any downsides to these? Obviously it might be a bit harder to shoot off the top of a barricade (although this rarely happens) and it does represent a potential snag hazard. It might also get in the way of getting a good grip if you should miss. Just overthinking things in my usual way. ;-)
  20. I am new to the whole PCC thing. I was wondering what people thought of hand stops? On one hand, it seems like a good way to get a consistent grip on the carbine and potentially can give you more leverage in pulling it into your shoulder. On the other hand, I rarely see top shooters running them. Thoughts on the matter?
  21. Reading this thread is a little depressing. There seems to be no clear consensus on light vs heavy bullets and slow vs fast powders.
  22. Thank you for this. I reviewed his videos and he does a good job from a 30K foot perspective. Unless I missed something, he does not have much on stance, grip, entering and exiting positions, shooting on the move, reloads, transitions, drills, etc.. I am literally looking for PCC fundamentals.
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