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New Sights?


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Hey Guys,

I've been thinking of getting new sights for my XD 5" with which I shoot Production. I'm almost certain that I'll get a fiber optic front with black rears, though I haven't determined what make yet (looking at Dawson and Warren Tactical).

My question is, I've shot 3 matches so far, should I wait for the end of the season to change out the sights? Would it be detrimental to change things in the middle of the season? Or maybe I'm think backwards and should change them as soon as I can.


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If you're going to change, earlier is better. And while I'm sure it's not true 100% of the time, the overwhelming majority will prefer aftermarket sights to the factories-- especially in a competition gun.

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Change now, but with any changes to the gun, make sure you practice. Go to a range and put the sights on paper, see if you need a 6 o'clock hold, 12, etc., see where they hit. just putting them on won't be enough to determine if they're in the correct position, shoot it and make sure you know you're POA/POI..

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