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  1. I have all the latest versions of Practiscore on two Kindle tablets and a master iPhone. We're running into an issue that sounds similar to #1 above. We can pull shooters to the Kindles all match, but as soon as we get to the end of the match we run into sync issues where one Kindle will not see the iPhone and the iPhone can't pull from that one Kindle. I don't know if this is network, device, or a software issue. Any thoughts on existing solutions to this problem? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the info guys. I mis-typed Android, I'm running Kindle Fire tablets in the scoring bays. Anything I should look out for when it comes to the registration tablet being iOS?
  3. We do have WiFi. So doing a sync on the fly won't affect scores already entered on the scoring tablets in the bay?
  4. Android. Shooters are able to choose which stage to shoot when, no squads. So the issue is getting shooters into the scoring tablet accurately. I've found if there's a misspelling I will get duplicates. Also, the flow of shooters is such that I don't have the ability to hop into the bays and sync the tablets so that all new shooters are on the scoring tablets.
  5. Does anyone have any recommendations for using Practiscore with a shoot & scoot format? Currently we're unable to score directly into the tablet due to the constant flow of shooter signing up while others are shooting. So we currently score on paper and then transfer that to the tablet. While the competitors are shooting a member of the staff is entering shooters into the tablet from multiple paper sign-in sheets. Any ideas on how to make this more efficient would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. I play IDPA from time to time and it's a killer, I don't have another gun to use for that game and I think I'm more invested in USPSA right now. How is it possible to have too much grip? I've never heard that one before.
  7. Just realized this should me moved to the techniques forum.
  8. I currently have an issue that I don't know how to fix. I shoot a XD9 Tactical in production division, there are times when I make up shots, and due to that end up at slide lock. Problem is my slide doesn't lock back, there's something with my grip, what I think is happening is that my strong hand thumb rides the release. This causes me to not realize I'm dry so I waste a good two seconds dry firing before reloading. I know one solution is to simply count rounds, (an A class single stack shooter laughed when I made the counting rounds comment today at a match, don't know how to take that) but I was wondering if I should seriously start considering a different firearm. I'm not an XD die hard, it just happened to be the first gun I bought.
  9. I've done a few searches, found some options like Canyon Creek, but... Does anyone have recommendations for shops that sell Glocks or Springfield XD's that are competition ready for Limited? Thanks
  10. Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it. I was throwing a lot of shots low left, most likely from slapping the trigger. I think when I get wound up and get that "I need to get quicker" feeling I just start putting as many rounds down range as possible. As far as that swinger was concerned, the popper that activated it was through the door... So I had no choice but to take the door first. Being in production, I don't think it would have been wise to just skip the target, as it was not a disappearing target.
  11. I didn't, but I don't recall him really being in the way. It might just look like that on the tape.
  12. I started off comfortable with my first stage (stage 3) then it was all down hill, mikes and forgetting to reload as well as fumbling. I'm now making an effort to practice more, beyond reloads, what do you see that I could improve? Thanks Vids in order of stage completion.
  13. From what I gather the Marui guns are better quality, the pro Japanese shooters use them. I'm guessing that an XD airsoft will never be made. What are people's thoughts on using the XDm airsoft as a trainer for the XD Tactical?
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