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Kydex for CZ 75-B


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I need a holster for my CZ-75B (stainless 9mm), but what is available in Kydex for the 75B?

Blade-tech has them, but I hate the belt attachment with the stupid shims. Comp-Tac used to make holsters for the 75B, but the mold is broken :-(

Any other options?

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I just bought an ITAC Defense holster with a retention button like a SERPA for my 75 SA. I really like it. It came with a paddle, but they offer a belt attacment, a "drop" belt attachment, and also offer a tactical thight rig. I picked mine up from EBAY for $27 shipped.

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Holster for what? For carry the Fobus work and don't cost alot. Inside or outside? For 3gun and USPSA I use a Blade-Tech DOH with the Belt attachment and it works great! I love it. The Tek-lok attachment is nice for mags but I don't like it on the gun...wiggled alittle for me.

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