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Trigger safety needed?


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Is the trigger safety needed on a Limited Gun? I have the Glockworx Ultimate and wondered if it was in the rules that it couldn't be removed.


I'd think that's the primary safety.....

....so, yes, it would have to stay functional....

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8.1 Handgun Ready Conditions

8.1.2 Self-loading Pistols: "Single action" – chamber loaded, hammer cocked, and the safety

engaged. "Double action" – chamber loaded, hammer fully down or decocked. "Selective action" – chamber loaded with hammer fully down,

or chamber loaded and hammer cocked with external safety

engaged (see Divisions in Appendix D). With respect to Rules and, the term "safety"

means the primary visible safety lever on the handgun (e.g. the

thumb safety on a "1911" genre handgun). In the event of doubt,

the Range Master is the final authority on this matter.

That explains why you can pin the GS on a 1911. It's not the PRIMARY visible safety. On a Glock, the trigger-block is the ONLY visible safety, so I would assume that means you can't remove it.

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are you talking about the safety plunger? if so I don't think your gun will work with out it??????

No, I think he's talking about the trigger block lever on the trigger itself.

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