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1st Texas Star in USPSA and 1st Zero down stage in IDPA


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Ok so for mothers day my hubby watched the kids so I could go shoot. On Sat I helped with score keeping in Hartford, CT and shot my 1st ever down zero stage, also hit my 1st drop turners. On Sunday went to Harvard Mass and cleaned my 1st Texas Star after missing 3 stationary steel in the previous 2 stages. Here's the video I am showing anyone and every one who is willing to watch.

So excited about the shooting sports and getting into them and starting IDPA at our club. I really find the sport to be very friendly where ever you go. I am very excited to see everyone at our 1st IDPA event at NWCSA.org

Good, fun shooting to all!


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Our cowboy club just got a Texas star for matches, haven't used it yet in matches, just practicing after the match, they are tricky to say the least and a whole bunch of fun to shoot. I shoot one handed (duelist) in cowboy matches, shooting the star wasn't very good shooting one handed, tried 2 handed and was very happy with the outcome.

All for now JD Trampas

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