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  1. "KEEP FIRING A55 H0LZ"(Spaceballs)

  2. CASE FEEDER I wish there was something for the 550's auto case feed to run 223... Not being able to runny 223 through the 550 case feeder is what is keeping me from buying it..
  3. How thick is the work bench top? With the strong mount's I'm sure it would, I have mine sitting top of bench too. also take in mind that the tabel height and your own height. I have mine on the strong mount but my bench a but under my waistline cause the strong mount will sit higher, jaunted to be able to peek in the brass I am loading without having to stand on my tippy toes..
  4. Sorry I missed your msg also, I did get rid of the tickets but I'm sure I will come across more. Also thank for the Florida hospitality I will make direct do give you a buzz when I am out in your neck of the woods...

  5. Sorry I didn't get your message until today.

    As for the tickets, if they are still available, I'll take them.

    Next time you are down this way, let me know so we can do some shooting. There is pleanty of shooting in FL

    My address is:

    1900 Via Royale, Apt 1901

    Jupiter, FL 33458.



  6. I depart sat at 12 I got 6 tickets they are yours if you want em I'm in kissimmee good till Dec. 3?, 2012

  7. Thanks! That's exactly what they are - headboard pier cabinets from my son's old bedroom furniture. Since they're 3/4" particle board I thought they'd make good cabinets for powder and primers. Tom Lol, thanks for the idea Tom, mine are still in the garage. Time to put them bad boys to use..
  8. Tom, the towers on the side looks like my old head board... Nice setup!
  9. Certified smart a55 here! Oh wait thats an "A hole" never mind! Lol..
  10. The lab in my new house! about time...
  11. Truth is the secret of eloquence and of virtue, the basis of moral authority; it is the highest summit of art and life. Henri-Frédéric Amiel
  12. My finished reloading Bench... 3Ft High, 4Ft wide and 28in depth very solid,.. like I said had this mounted in and against my bedroom wall. You can see my tower to my headboard. Again its a picture from almost going on 2 years just bought a house so I removed the top shelf and added 2in to the bottom to match the other work bench that came with the house in the garage.. I will post an updated picture soon!
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