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  1. So does the small base die for the 300aac blackout reforms the die after its been cut down?Can you use the small base die even when your casing are already been formed? On the stuck casings, I load for 223/5.56 using rcbs with very little to no lube, and never had a stuck casing, harder to run but never got stuck (knock on wood). For the rcbs dies in 300 blk out have you ever had any issues? I have switched from a Dillon sizer die cause of that issue.
  2. Are you using the Dillon powder and funnel die set up? (Also looking to reload for the blackout cartridge.) Thanks in advance.
  3. My go to powder... I use in most of my handgun reloads.
  4. This is the back plat with qd..
  5. I purchased a Troy M4OEM sling plate but when I tried to install it it seems that th sling mount touches the back side of the lower before I can tighten it. has anyone ever had a problem like this? I have the castle nut as far as I can loosen to get the stock fully inserted to where its supposed to be. I hate to cut it down sling plate. My lower is a multi cal by Areo Precision. .. thanks in advance
  6. I got more homework to do.... I do my own reloading and will be reloading for 223/5.56. I am thinking to go with a 18in barrel (not sure the of the manufacturer).I am going with a stripped Areo Precision upper the price is nice so is the finish. What is the difference between a low profile carrier group and a full Carrier?
  7. What is the 1-7,1-8 and 1-9 mean and in 3Gun what sould I be looking for in a barrel with that twist?
  8. thanks. . So what are most competitors running their Comp rifle barrel length? Or what is most common. I will use a shotgun for hd..
  9. I dont plan on being a pro at 3gun and I'd also like to teach my wife and kids. This is our 1st AR for us.. I been reading youtube ing the past few days since... thanks. .
  10. I might be asking for a lot....What is the difference between mid length and rifle length gas tube's?
  11. Decided to build my first AR. I just received my lower Receiver from Brownells and my local FFL. I like to build it for 3GUN competition, target shooting and if possible home defense. I need a little help deciding what caliber, what parts that are reliable and dependable and what parts I should stay clear from? Gas driven or piston driven? What uppers, barrels to look at ect. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance. . For get to add, the Lower is from Areo Precision muli cal. Is it normal if you look towards the back bottom behind the grip of the receiver there looks like a defect in the mold or casting?
  12. Can anyone tell me what this is? Tried looking on the Internet and no luck, so I am sure to find out here on BE.com Thanks in advance.
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