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cheapest place to buy a C-More


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At today's Steel Match, I made the mistake of looking at one with an 8moa dot. It got shifted in to the"gotta get one" category.

Being on a tight budget I need to get the best deal.

Where is the cheapest place to order one?

thanks guys,


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there is also a classifieds section, I think, on the USPSA.org site (i guess it is up and running now??) (there also used to be a for real bona fide USPSA forum too) and possibly the IPSC global village.

You could also post a wanted to buy ad, here on the forums (WTB) for either an actual C-more or a certficate. Lots of guys walk away from the prize tables at these major matches with a certificate that has a face value of $200 for a C-more. Guys would rather liquidate them quickly for the cash and sell the certificate for $150 or maybe even less.

I don't know how new you are to the USPSA shooting sport, so don't take this the wrong way, but also keep in mind you will probably also need a mount and possibly even some gunsmithing involved to drill and tap the holes in the gun's frame.

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You will find that unless you do as mentioned above in getting a good deal on a used one or a Cert somebody won they are priced all about the same no mattwer where you look. I would order one from Shooter's Connection. If you register as a BE member you might get a few bucks off but I can't be certain. They will have the mounts as well and you will have it in just a few days!:cheers:


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