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Well in a moment of stupidity, while cleaning my SDB I managed to snap of the ejector wire almost flush with the body of the press,

There is just a nubbin stuck up less than a 1/16 inch , can barely grab it with a fine pair of needle nose but they just slip off



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When that happened to me, I ended up calling Dillon. Had to ship it back to them where they removed/replaced the wire and went through the machine for any other needed maintainance.

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Small wire cutting pliers. The sharp edge will score and grab the wire. Be VERY carefull. Or send it back to Dillon. Life is too short to f**k with a stupid wire. :roflol:


Welcome to the forum. :cheers:

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Successful removal, Unknown to me directly under the hole where the ejector wire inserts is another hole.

As if the ejector wire hole was drilled through, Here's the weird part from the underside that "HOLE" is a smaller diameter than the actual top "ejector hole" at least on my particular press.

Solution pliers & sturdy sewing needle pushing up from bottom. Owed to a gear head friend who loves a mechanical challenge.

Why not the same? When it's drilled the drill depth is supposed to stop before punching through, I'm guessing on this particular press it was a little deep & just the tip of the bit went through. ( I got lucky)

Because on my other SD it doesn't exist.

Make's me ask why it's just not drill all the way through.

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