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LNL Pistol rotor micrometer settings....

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I also use micrometer insert. Seems to me that the numbers are for your reference only, to remember what combination of digits refers to your desired powder charge.

It can't show your actual charge weight, because all powders has different shape and weight, so in the same wolume different powder brands will make different weight.

Just my thoughts...

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...That's incredibly stupid..they should at least measure CCs or something.

Yep, for your reference only. I just wish Midway, Grafs, Cabela's, or somebody had them in stock.

Nope. In fact, the values aren't even totally linear. There are major numbers on the shaft from 1-12 if i recall. Each major number has a half-way tick mark as well. Then, on the rotor, you have a major range of 1-5 around the entire circumference and each one of those has minor sub increments of 10 hash marks (thus giving you 50 total reference points on the rotor alone). Each complete rotation of the rotor moves only 1/2 of a major number on the shaft which is why they put half-way marks on it. This all provides you with 100 possible increments per major number which is a fairly fine resolution. The only weird part is again the non-linearity of the range on the rotor. The way i jot down a measurement is to use the major number on the shaft, then a dot, followed by either a 0 or a 5 to signify whether i'm past the shaft half-way tick mark, then lastly the rotor measurements.

for example, the measurement 3.025 means 3 on the shaft, 2 major on the rotor plus 5 small minor ticks. 3.525 would mean 3 plus the half tick on the shaft, then 2 major on the rotor and 5 small ticks. You could pick a different annotation or add more decimals, but its still kinda goofy.

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I'll have to agree that the numbers don't have a direct explicit meaning other than your relative position to closed. One thing to watch for is the little screw at the end, it can really mess you up if it gets lose while reloading, aka inconsistent charges. If I had it all to do over again I'd spend my money on 3 regular inserts and forget the micrometer. I think I have 6 regular inserts + the micrometer, makes it fast switching up loads.

If you record the reading then you can always go back to that setting however its like a scope mount you only get close not exact.

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