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STI 6.0 Eagle

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I have just received and STI 6.0 Eagle 40. I would like to get a couple of extra guide rod springs for it.

Question, can I use the 5" spring or do I need to find a 6" spring, and were would be the best place to buy them?

For now I am shooting Federal ammunition, what weight spring should I be using?

As you can tell, I am a totally new shooter and have actually shot at 3 matches so far using a model 34 Glock, but my boys decided to by me a retirement present and got me the STI.

Thanks - Steel3924

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Mine uses the 5inch springs. For the springs, shooters connection has the ISMI springs which are top notch. I would try either a 14 pound or 12.5 pound and see what feels best for you. I run a 12.5pound recoil and 17pound main in mine. Mine was a factory 6inch at I had the slide tritopped, and lightened by Bobby at Freedom. The springs depend on how you like the gun to feel but with that gun most go 12.5 or 14

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Are you just using the pistol for target practice or self defense?

If it's for target usage I recommend getting several different weight springs and testing what weight you prefer and your gun likes with the ammo you are using.

Are you going to do any reloading? If you reload you can use very light loads and a light spring for some money savings and low recoil practice. Do a search for springs and you should pull up alot of interesting info. There might be a sticky about springs here somewhere. Good luck

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