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Hello From Fort Worth


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Hi a brand new IDPA and USPSA member, going to be shooting my first pistol matches this month. Looking at getting into some 3 gun matches once I get my shotgun. I went up and watched the 3 gun match at doubletapranch last weekend, made me wish I had brought my pistol and rifle. looking forward to getting into shooting sports in general.


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Hey David. You're in luck as there is a very large and very welcoming shooting community in DFW. Even better, there are multiple opportunities to shoot every weekend, and even a few mid-week.

This week on the 3rd there is the Tuesday After Work steel match at the Dallas Pistol Club (it's run by the great Steve Speer), on the 4th in Dallas there is an IDPA match at Elm Fork (run by Jackie and Ray Shroeder), and this Saturday is a USPSA match in Johnson County. Oh yeah, Cross Timbers at Winchester Gallery hosts an IDPA match on Thursday, and they have a good bunch of guys who take a lot of pride in how they introduce new shooters to the sport. That's a lot of shooting!

You've picked a great time and a great place to get started in competitive shooting. I look forward to meeting you at an upcoming match!


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