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Just give him one more chance!

Tyro Shooter

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I work with an “Instructor” who has

Bailed out while students /shooters are still on the line.

Fallen asleep in his truck for 7 hours one day.

Is taking so much prescribed Pain meds we found him asleep down range behind a barricade wall one afternoon between training squads.

No called / No showed for three days at a time.

Will regale any and all who come close enough to the sound of his voice or make eye contact “War Stories” staring him.

Will have inappropriate cell phone conversations , very loudly in the office.

Will give his opinion about Politics and religion again very loudly to anyone within ear shoot (loaded guns and his opinions and or your exceptions to them . . . not a good mix)

Took off early clamming he was sick, after being told that doing so would seriously impact our training cycle. . . .and them went and worked an armed patrol shift.

All of these things are not part of my hate rant


What chaps my ass is that he is being given his (by my count)

His fourth “Last chance” to straighten up.

The only thing I can think is that there is a picture in his safety deposit box with the owners and senior management in compromising positions that include livestock , nuns or rookie officers from 30 years ago.

I just don’t get it

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YEP! Used to see it all the time in my old job. Guess who they decided they wanted to get rid of? You got it, me. I resigned and am now the better for it.

The turds always seem to find a way to succeed in this world. And it sucks!

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Don't get me started... I saw so many con-artists sliding in my 20yrs in the Army I sometimes thought the floor had been coated with grease for them.

I'm not going to start with the war stories, but I actually got called into HQ when the wife of one soldier I supervised went to the CO to complain that I was working her poor hubby to death. I told the CO that I refused to cut this guy any slack because it took him 10 hrs to do the same job any rookie right off the bus could do in 6. The CO agreed.

I think that I must have been the 4th NCO this guy had been given too and all the rest just sloughed him off as too much trouble - that's where the real problem lay.

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Haha... "good guys." Any Army story that starts or ends with "I mean, he's a good guy and all" is just a euphemism for saying I'd have a beer with him, but really wouldn't want to go to war with him. Unfortunately these "good guys" are everywhere.

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