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  1. BigTinVA

    Correct OAL for my barrel ?

    This looks like a pretty good method: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=136097&view=findpost&p=1531450
  2. BigTinVA

    Need to remount my C-More

    Thanks for your reply Foxbat. That was the direction I was leaning. I was surprised to see that c-more recommended red for the sight mounting screws. I felt that it would be difficult if I ever had to remove the sight from the mount at a later date. My mount to frame screws have red loctite on them.
  3. BigTinVA

    Need to remount my C-More

    While shooting a match yesterday I went to make ready, turned on my c-more and discovered that both of my mounting screws were loose. This was my 5th stage and I did not notice anything was loose on my previous stages. Now I feel that I should remove the sight, clean and dry the screws and mounting holes and remount the sight. The c-more instructions say to use red loctite on the mounting screws, but I am wondering if red loctite is too strong or permanent and blue might be a better choice. Maybe red is what I should use to prevent this from happening in the future. Your thoughts please.
  4. BigTinVA

    cci primers

    CCI is my brand of choice. They are all I ever run. If you were close to me I would trade you 5k Winchester for 5k of your CCI's.
  5. BigTinVA

    basepad question for 170mm

    Which Dawson basepad are you running, is it an SNL? My STI mags gauge with a Dawson +1 non-SNL.
  6. BigTinVA

    34 gen 4 legal for production

    I believe it does matter. We went through the same thing when the G17 RTF2 frames came out.
  7. BigTinVA

    i hate fat shooters

    I guess it's a good thing zach lives in California, I'm sure he can just get his state to ban fat people for his convenience.
  8. Online squadding shows 9 squads shooting today (Friday the 30th). Full squads except for one slot on squad 4.
  9. BigTinVA

    No new classification update for September 2011?

    Wouldn't they want to have the latest classifications posted before the start of Nationals?
  10. BigTinVA

    Just give him one more chance!

    F-up, move up!
  11. BigTinVA

    WIFI password retrieval help!

    Can't you default your device and enter a new password into it? Or are there other settings that would be wiped out that you don't know how to re-establish?
  12. Here is an installation manual for the AutoPilot that shows how it is connected since it's hard to tell from the picture on the Griffin website. http://www.griffintechnology.com/manuals/0000/0051/AutoPilotWWI_TS.pdf
  13. Look into the Griffin AutoPilot. I have three of them for use in my Accord and on two of my motorcycles. It enables you to charge and control your iPhone/iPod and only has one connection to the device via the 30 pin connector. I love them.