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I am starting to build a Glock 22 Open gun. Being that this is a .40 cal gun I need to find the most effective comp. So, for you guys out there shooting glocks in open, what is the most effective comp?


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There are 3 that come to mind ...... Jager, SJC, and Carver. I've never used a Carver, but couldn't find any difference between the SJC and Jager other than price. Pick one that fits whatever threads your barrel of choice is and run with it.

If I were building a G22 Open gun I'd buy a Lone Wolf barrel and Jager comp.

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I use both the SJC 11 port comp and the Jager in 9 major on G17's. It is a toss-up as to which is the best. Both are softer shooting than the KKM 4 port comp that I have on an older G34. Since you are building a 40, the 11 port SJC is out because it only is made for 9mm. That leaves the smaller smaller SJC, the Jaeger, and the KKM. You'll probably have less gas to work with in 40, so the smaller KKM steel comp may work better than in the 9. The SJC's and the Jager are aluminum and will wear out more quickly, something to consider. I have no direct experience with the Carver.

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