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  1. Thanks for all the input! I'll be fixing it soon and gonna give the set screw a go.
  2. I have a Norinco Shotgun that I use to mess around with and as a beginning into 3-gun to local indoor matches. The more I have shot it I have noticed the front sight sliding out of the dovetail and it has become extremely loose. I can push the sight left and right with my fingers. I'm unsure what to do in order to fix this problem since it's so loose. The only idea I have come up with is to dead center the front sight then drill and tap a small hole for a set screw to go into the base of the sight in order to keep it from moving. I put up some pictures below to show how far the sight goes off but won't slide all the way out.
  3. Blcksmk


    Do any of you have a good load for a G22 gun using a Carver comp? I ask because I can't find Autocomp anywhere it seems and I'm searching for some different loads using other powders.
  4. Thanks for the interest guys. I'm currently waiting on some different colored "Remove Before Flight" tags and different colored chamber flags and I'll be ready to sell them. I'll post a thread up as soon as I get everything in by the end of next week.
  5. I wanted to post some pictures up of these chamber safety flags that I made just for fun a couple months back. A buddy of mine saw these in one of my rifles and said I try and sell them. So I am posting this up as a feeler. I have a bunch of these sitting around and wouldn't mind selling them off and keep selling them. They would run about $6 each + Shipping which would vary depending on what I can get them in and the cheapest shipping I can send them through. These are yellow chamber safety flags with the "Remove Before Flight" Tags on the end of them. Just wanted to get a feeler if anyone would be interested in buying these at all. Feedback and Input would be great! Thanks
  6. Blcksmk


    Has anyone heard anything on the new Angled Mounts from Carver Customs? I was interested to see this mount will still require you to cut the ejection port down like his standard competition mounts do or not. Any word yet?
  7. Has anyone been able to get on Bobby's website recently? It seems that his website no longer exist or I can't get on it anymore. Anyone have some info?
  8. Blcksmk


    I've heard that plated bullets are a no-no for Open Glocks. They start shedding the plating at certain velocities according to Berry's reloading expert.
  9. Blcksmk


    How did it shoot? Dot movement?
  10. Blcksmk


    G22 or G35? I know the barrel length makes a difference.
  11. Blcksmk


    Thanks! Just sent him a message.
  12. Blcksmk


    So I guess I'll ask this, still coming up with some loads for my G22 .40 Open Gun. Anybody have a good major and minor load? I have HS6, VV3N38, and VVN320 powders on hand to use right now. As far as bullets go I believe I have some Montana Gold 155GR Hollow Points to use for now. Suggestions?
  13. Blcksmk


    Seems like this thread has been dead for a while now.... How's everyone's open Glock shooting? Anyone make or find any new changes that really help the gun or accuracy?
  14. Check about lowering your ejection port since your using a Carver Mount. Another idea is you could order a ZEV Extended Ejector and install and tune it to your gun. I am getting ready to install and tune the ZEV Extended Ejector in my G22 Open gun.
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