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Stage from Local Indoor Pistol League


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I got a new Gopro HD Hero Camera for Christmas. So, I took it along to our local indoor pistol league. Here is a stage from that league. Not my best shooting, I was slooooooowwww (or at least I felt like I was slow), not sure why, but I was. Gotta love that monstrous shot pickup on T2. If I had taken any more time, I could have sprouted roots from my feet into the concrete floor, bbllllaaaaahhhhhhhhh... but it was still fun and I had a great time.

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Thanks! I have been very impressed with this litter camera. I have even seen that Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs uses the HD Hero in the current season's episodes.

And the league, it was a blast! And yes, it is very good to diagnose/improve technique. I made a couple of small and time saving changes based off of these videos and others I took during this winter league.

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I would like to see how that head mount compares to how the pros do it for some of those vids I've seen on YouTube. With an indoor league it's not such a big deal, but some of the outdoor stages require quite a bit of movement. I'd be worried about the elastic bands allowing the camera to bounce up and down.

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