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Extended base pads for P229 mags?


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Is it possible to buy these extended base pads and springs for the factory P229 magazines?


I've handled one of these 17 round magazines, and the magazine body seems identical to the factory 13 round magazine.

Only extended base pads I can find only add two rounds. It's not clear if you need to change the spring, though I imagine it might be.


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FWIW, I have never seen the extended basepads for the P229 magazines available seperate.

The P229 17 round mags are the P229 15 round flush fit mags with a +2 extention. The 15 round mag has a different follower than the 13 round mag.

The SCT follower used in the 15 round mag can be purchased seperatly as seen here

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I have 2 of the Mec-Gar extended base pads on my factory 12-round .40 mags. I haven't tried that SCT follower, I'm going to order a couple and see how many extra rounds they get me; right now, the mags with the extended base pads hold 14 rounds.

I have the newer version of the Dark Elite with the aluminum grips and I found that I had to trim the top edge of the base pads to reduce the circumference so it would fit underneath the bottom edge of the grips. But that was a quick fix.

- Alex

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I dont think that anyone is marketing the sct base pads alone, but sig has outside companies make their mags so if you find the company who makes them they may sell the base pads. I have some in 40 cal. The tubes are the same.

As much as Sig wants to be part of this sport they still cant seem to make the right gear. I like sig and started this sport shooting a 229, but they are only competive in production and thats just not my cup of tea.


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Greetings...I build aluminum base pads for the p226 and 9mm p229..with these, you should be able to get 20 rounds of 9mm

please have a look at the attached link...I am having trouble posting links, however, just remove the spaces between the https: and you should be good to go

take care


h t t p : //i150.photobucket.com/albums/s84/RogerS911/171.jpg

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I must add that I've known Roger for 8-10 years. I purchased some of his mfg basepads a little over a year ago and put them on STI's GP-6 mags to shoot Limited minor with and they have functioned flawlessly.

He shoots Sig pistols in Production and Limited so he uses his own products.

You should be happy with his basepads.

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