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Original EGW hammer & sear VS Hennings prepped EGW


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I just bought these parts from Henning, and wonder what is the difference between the original EGW hammer & sear and the ones offered by Henning? I want the trigger as good and smooth as can be, and just want to know what to tell the gunsmith that is going to install the parts. Has Henning done a trigger job on these parts, or is there room for further polishing?

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The EGW sear and hammer that Henning "Preps" gets the main settings really close to where they should be. Such as hammer hook height and half cock notch. This actually saves a boat load of time when setting up a trigger so his prep work is well worth the cost.

You still need to precision fit the sear and hammer to your pistol. Every pistol is a little different so custom fitting is needed. You will have to polish the hammer hook engagement surface and sear lip to make the trigger break really smooth and crisp. If you are expecting an ultra kick ass trigger job by simply dropping the parts in you will be disappointed. Just like anything that is made really good, custom fitting and polishing is always needed.

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