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.38 super brass with ,358's in a .357

Forrest Halley

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I can't see the advantage of using teh Super Brass over 38Special Brass when you moon clip them. Unless there is a serious shortage of brass tehn go for it. But really you will shorten the case life of the Super brass as you will be strecthing the case mouth to accept the bullet and the case itself will over expander for a great deal of it's length and require sizing more aggressively.

A freind had a 686 in 38Super and it worked well with moonclips and Super brass. But I have been using a 627PC lately and with 38 Special brass it seems to work just as well as the Super gun did with Super brass. With moonclips it is not like you are loosing your expensive brass. You will get it all back.

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If you are going to run jacketed bullets, .356 bullets might work but if cast bullets, too small for a mornal 357 Mag barrel.

Thats funny because I have a bunch of lead 124 grian 9mm bullets sized at .356 that never did do what I wanted in the 9mm so I loaded them in my model 19 in 38 special cases and the accuracy was excellent.


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