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overall length for CZ tactical sports .40 180gr


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What do you guys use for an overall length for your Tactical Sports .40 cal loads when loaded with 180gr bullets. I just picked up a TS and have some .40 cal loads that I loaded for my Glock G35. I loaded with 4.7gr of Tightgroup and they were making major in my G35. Just wanted to know if I have to change the overall length at all. I have it set at 1.125". These are plated bullets I'm using.

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Good length as the others said. Don't err on the long side as mine gets picky quickly... (found out the hard way by taking rounds I had loaded long for my STI as the only ammo one day to the range...quick trip)

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Anything past 1.130 = unrealiable feeding. I've done 1.140 by mistake and had some misfeeds

I tried my buddies ike 1.180 (for an SVI) and to quote my baby "WTF? FTF".

1.125 is my oal.

i have a glock 35 too, scary patterns in gun owners. i am sure groups of people all have the same guns.

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