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Reloading 38 Super

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I just placed an order for my first 38 super, open gun.

I've currently got my Dillion 650 setup for 9mm, additionally I have the caliber conversion kit to also load .45 ACP.

(Which means I have both the large caliber, and small caliber pistol loading plate, and primer feed mechanisims for caliber conversions.)

I do however have a couple of questions about what I will need to load 38super and 38 supercomp, that I don't currently have.

1. I plan to buy a new set of dies, will I need seperate dies for 38 super and 38 super comp, or will 1 work for both?

2. I've noticed alot of major recipes for 38 super, call for Small Rifle Primers. Will I need a 3rd primer feed mechanism or will the small pistol primer plate work for small rifle primers?

(Same question for the pick up tubes.)

3. Will both 38 super and 38 super comp fit on my 9mm shell plate?

(I've read that 38 super, will not fit on a .223 shell plate, but 38 super comp will. Does that mean, I need to get a shell plate for each?)



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