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LOA of loaded round


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Hi, Gentlemen -

A belated Happy New Year to all you kind folks.

I feel like a fool having to ask the following questions - but, I must ask, as follows:

I am loading 200gr LSWC

5.8 of Hodgdon's Universal which is their starting load.

The manual says LOA 1.225 - Isn't 1.225 kind of short - I always thought the "proper"(?)LOA would be closer to 1.250.

Is there a pressure issue involved in all of this?

I believe that I should follow the manual.

I will appreciate any posts that will help me get straight herein.

Thank you and standing by.



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they are loading a hornady SWC with a shorter ogive and more bullet in the case. its not like an H&G 68. load yours to 1.250 or whatever length runs in your gun.

your velocity may be lower than published data though.

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