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  1. Silhouette is my powder of choice and HS6 is my backup. Only shoot 115 JHP Zero or MG. I worked with both powders a lot and what I found was interesting. Shooting side by side you can't tell the difference. Take video, you can't tell the difference. Chrono the same, accuracy the same. HS6 feels a tiny bit softer. Set up a practice stage, over 20 rounds, and run it many times and then compare. I found that my stage times were basically identical but, in every case, I always scored better with Silhouette. Moral, sight, sound, feel are pretty subjective, the scoresheet is objective.
  2. I've been working with the 6.5 Grendel for a bit and I like it. I've not hunted with it but, I would think a 123 SST running at 2500-2600 would be very effective for your purpose. And the accuracy is extremely good. The factory ammo accuracy is almost as good as handloads.
  3. I've used the 115 gr Zero JHP, old style #125 and new style #135, with excellent results for function and accuracy. Pretty hard to find though. I also shoot the MG 115 gr JHP and they do take just a bit more powder than the Zero's with Silhouette. HS6 loads the same for all. I push them all just a little over 1500fps and accuracy is consistent for all at 1.3-1.5" at 25 yards. They all feed and run 100%.
  4. They make brushes for cleaning drinking straws and they work quite well.
  5. Silhouette has been my go to powder for several years. Works great and with 115 JHP bullets it is flat and accurate. Something like 8.5/8.6/8.7 and OAL from 1.145 to 1.165 should work behind a Zero or MG JHP. You'll have to work that out to see what your gun likes.
  6. I also use the laser bore sight tool. For my open gun it is simple to move the red dot on top of the laser dot and lock it down. 50' works perfectly for me and I can shoot out to 75 yards with a center hold. Easy to set and easy to check.
  7. I looked at a number of options and then MidWay put the 24" AA Overwatch on sale and that worked for me. Just started load development with Hornady 123 Amax and couldn't be more satisfied. Very accurate and fun to shoot.
  8. Don't forget, the cartridge head is always free to move about in the shell holder no matter what you do to secure the die, and all "C" type presses will flex. Not much, but they flex. All machines have some play in them, you just have to learn how to deal with that play in a consistent manner.
  9. Anywhere climate controlled and close to a bathroom and a refrigerator.
  10. I fly an EMS helicopter. I work 26 weeks a year, which means I don't work 26 weeks a year.
  11. I pick up and reload all of my 9 major brass from practice. I find that the primer pockets start to get loose after the 4th or 5th reload. I don't pick up brass at a match. Focus on shooting at matches and don't worry with brass.
  12. I run 3-5 and dump, then measure 4 rounds at start of any session. With UniqueTek micrometer you just set it, check it and then run.
  13. Thanks for the link! Good prices and free shipping.
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