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  1. Silhouette is my powder of choice and HS6 is my backup. Only shoot 115 JHP Zero or MG. I worked with both powders a lot and what I found was interesting. Shooting side by side you can't tell the difference. Take video, you can't tell the difference. Chrono the same, accuracy the same. HS6 feels a tiny bit softer. Set up a practice stage, over 20 rounds, and run it many times and then compare. I found that my stage times were basically identical but, in every case, I always scored better with Silhouette. Moral, sight, sound, feel are pretty subjective, the scoresheet is objective.
  2. I got that same bench about 7 years ago. It was the display, last one, and it had a dent and one drawer was stuck. Gave like $59 for it. Took 15 min to pop out dent and fix drawer. Been a great bench. I just finished adding on around it so the total bench is now 8' x 2'.
  3. Accomplishing the impossible while appearing to be prepared to do absolutely nothing. -Army Helicopter Pilot
  4. KS section match. Stage with thirty-something pieces of steel. Shooter comment, "I've got 57 rounds, that should be enough..."
  5. I think you will like Silhouette after you give it a run. Post your match evaluation. I settled on Sil for 9 major after trying several others. For whatever reason I seem to shoot it better, especially in a match. My back up powder is HS6 and when shooting side by side I can't tell the difference. In a match the Sil performs works way better. I have no idea why because they seem identical. Current loads: Mixed Brass WSR 124 JHP MG - 1.150 OAL - 7.8 gr 124 CMJ MG - 1.150 OAL - 7.9 gr 115 JHP MG - 1.150 OAL - 8.6 gr 115 JHP Zero - 1.145 OAL - 8.7 gr Storm Lake 5" barrel with no hol
  6. Jmorris is right on just the few items. I have a complete set up for small and large and it is 3 screws and you are swapped out. It takes a little longer to swap the parts but, it's no big deal if that is what you have. The folks at Dillon will tell you exactly what you need.
  7. What was the outside air temperature? Does AutoComp show temperature sensitivity? Your results are almost axactly what I am seeing with WSF but, WSF is certainly reverse temp sensitive.
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