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2011 MidwayUSA & NRA Official Program


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Called the Holiday Inn for reservations today. They said that they didn't have a rate or block of rooms for the Bianchi Cup. ??

That should NOT be the case, the Room Block is in place, if this happens get the name of the person that states this, as it is totally inaccurate.

We just got off the phone with the Holiday Inn in Columbia, MO, please use this contact information to make reservations:

Tim Bargar tbargar@holidaycolumbia.com

Holiday Inn Executive Center

Group Rooms Manager

Ph. (573) 445-8531 - Reservations

Fx. (573) 446-1159

2200 I-70 Dr SW

Columbia, MO 65203

Visit us online at: www.holidaycolumbia.com

If you have any questions or problems contact us at dorsinger@nrahq.org - 703.267.1478

NRA Pistol Department

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Here is the updated 2011 Official Program, it will have all the important information about the 2011 Bianchi Cup Championship, minus the advertising. We will continue to update this Program as it evolves, and post the updated version until the final "Official" version is printed. This will be on the Bianchi Cup Website as well.2011ProgramGuide.pdf

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Columbia, MO 25-28 May 2011.

NRA Pistol Department

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I travel for a living and can arrange to "work" in the area while this is going on. I'm interested in watching but know absolutely nothing about the sport(or practically nothing).

I want to learn. Would this be set up for spectators???

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Change to Page # 13

Section B

Entry Information

B-1 Competitor Eligibility:

e. Each country shall be entitled to enter a maximum of 17* shooters plus a Team Captain and Adjutant (if non-firing) as follows:

1 Team Captain (non-firing)

1 Adjutant (non-firing)

3 4-Member Teams

1 Alternate

1 2-Member Women’s Team

1 2-Member Junior Team


19* Total

f. The Team Captain and Adjutant may be firing Members, however, in such cases the total number may not exceed 17*.

NRA Pistol Program

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What team match allows 4 members per team?

Or should that read 4 x 3 member teams, seeing as Open is a three person team event?? Or if 3 x 3 then the original number of 14 would be correct?

What about metallic sight or is that included in the above? But they are a 2 person team.


Team event for Iron man?

You have Junior and Ladies as the 2 person teams. What if the country is able to put up 4 juniors and 4 ladies, a struggle right now, but possible.

A limit on 17, hell I would just like to get that many from here up there. To get them all in the team would be brilliant.

Or are you lot scared we could turn up with 50 people and win it all. :sight::sight:

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I only have one question.Why?



In order to stay in line with the rest of the NRA Pistol Championships, we removed the (3) three person team, the Bianchi Cup was the only Championship that had a (3) three person team, and we have all heard the reasons why a (3) three person existed.

Now we are in line with the remaining Pistol Championships, we will try to maintain that order, and will not make changes any longer for any (1) one Competitor, Group or Location. As far as the World shoot, the hosting Country/Sponsor will submit the Program based on the needs or restrictions of that location, the Program will be approved by us here at NRA HQ.

100 competitors have signed up in the 1st 30 days!

NRA Pistol Department

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No we don't, we have 4 months, after that I expect we will be starting to get guys together for training and selection matches. Criteria has to be set before we can start the process. Something for dicsussions in Columbia I expect.

Gee, go have another beer and find some shade.

Pardon me, but didn't you pick 3 three person teams and alternates? The first shooter on team B now becomes the 4th on team A. Sorry, don't see the problem. NRA takes your finishes from the past 2 Bianchi's and adds them. Then they pick their teams starting from the lowest number. As an example, if 2009 was included in the next world match, I would get 7 points from my 2009 7th place finish plus 3 points from my 2010 3rd place finish for a total of 10 points. Since Doug and Bruce swapped places in 2009 and 2010 they would each have 3 points.

Have 4 matches in a month and require those that want to be eligible shoot atleast 2 of them. Take their to two finishes and add them together. Lowest number goes first and so on. Then you are done in a month and you have 3 for everything else.

Just a thought.

Where you staying in MI? Red Roof?

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As it happens I do have a beer, cold, like your weather and yes I would like some shade.

I now understand why the Bianchi Cup (being your nationals) needs to have 4 shooter teams to be the same as the rest of the NRA pistol competitions, which actually makes sense. I just thought the NRA had just decided out of the blue to change tack without reason. It has happened before.

No problems in getting 4 shooters per team together, just maybe a problem getting 3 teams of 4.

Now as to MI, there maybe a huge fly in the ointment at present. I will email later when some details have been hammered through. Still going to the Cup, maybe not MI.

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Now as to MI, there maybe a huge fly in the ointment at present. I will email later when some details have been hammered through. Still going to the Cup, maybe not MI.

I really didn't need to hear that. It looks as if 2011 is going to be another one of those years. I was hoping you would be a bad influence.:cheers:

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