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Broken Jard trigger


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I know the topic of these triggers has been covered multiple times but I wanted to show this experience with the trigger.

This came to me as a completed lower, minus the stock built by a reputable gunsmith and competitor in 3-gun in PA. It was to finish a tactical rifle for training and general use and I was asked to spec it out prior to the build. The gunsmith recommended Jard triggers due to his personal and competitive experience with them and expressed a high degree of confidence in their operation and quality. This was also a bit of a rush job to get it out to me due to events I needed it for coming up quickly (next Wed.) and therefore was not test fired prior to shipping. I was provided with a detailed test fire procedure to follow with instructions to notify him immediately if anything was found wrong or needing repair/replacement. The test fire procedure involved multiple single, then double, then 5-round slow fire shots to ensure proper operation of the trigger and to ensure the bolt locked back. General reliability drills. That went without a hitch.

I then moved forward to about the 15 yd line where I fired quick doubles and triples while paying attention to the trigger reset and cycling operation. I began noticing that I was able to fire multiple rounds extremely rapidly, too fast in fact. I was getting doubles and triples with a single trigger press. This occurred multiple times with 2 full mags. I downloaded the gun, dropped the bolt and dry fired the gun several times. Each time I failed to get hammer fall but when maintaining pressure to the rear and wiggling my finger back and forth across the trigger face, the hammer then fell. This ended my session at the range and I returned home where the trigger was removed from the lower and replaced with a Geissele I had.

Closer inspection of the Jard revealed a corner of the sear broken completely off. The photos below show the break. I'm just an amateur gynocologist but it would appear to me that there is something wrong with the metallurgy here. I don't understand why a break would occur in this particular spot as I don't think it receives any impact from the bolt carrier or other high speed moving parts during its cycle. Or does it? Anyway, its obviously a defect in manufacturing and was sent back to the gunsmith. He said it was then going back to Jard.

Anyone seen or experienced something similar with their trigger, Jard or otherwise? I'm just glad this wasn't a duty weapon.




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2 possible reasons, pick your favourite : overtravel too tight or the rifle was charged with safety on. Have seen those things happening maybe 20 times, operator or lower receiver builder failure.

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Sounds like the overtravel was too tight like Hannu says. The piece that broke off wasn't part of the "sear", but the part that keeps it from going full auto, which should have nothing to do with trigger pull.

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