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Is a reload required to go back

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Today on CM99-42, it was questioned if a shooter had to reload to reengage the first side of the stage.

Here are the stage procedures:

Upon start signal, from Box A, engage only PP1, PP2,

T1, and T2 from left side of barricade, make a mandatory

reload, and from Box A, engage only PP3, PP4, T3, and T4

from the right side of barricade.

Competitor may begin on either side of the barricade.

So if the shooter does shoot PP1, PP2, T1 and T2 (from the left), reload, properly engages PP3, PP4, T3 and T4 (from the right), does he have to reload to go back and engage PP1, PP2, T1 or T2 from left?

Your opinions are wanted.


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No, and since it's comstock, the competitor could fire makeup shots prior to switching sides, if he wanted to.....

The way that stage description is written, a single reload is required when switching sides for the first time....

I dont think so, the word "then" is missing,,, the stage says shoot , and reload, and shoot, nothing in the WSB specifies when the mandatory reload needs to be accomplished. Humm I wonder, what would prevent the shooter from doing a mandatory reload after the last shot ?

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We had a bunch of revolver shooters today, so 6 shots per side was easy. If you missed one, oh well.

For a revolver shooter, it's academic -- no second reload, no makeup shot, unless they're competing in production with a 7 or 8 shooter...

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