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Dawson Precision's New Carry Gun Items

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Driven by the amazing success of our KAHR CW9 Pistol sales, we've just opened our new Carry Gun department at Dawson Precision.

Our initial offerings are in Pistols and Magazines and Galco Belts, Holsters and Mag Pouches.

But what we'd really like to know is what you'd like to see us offer in our new carry line.

Drop us a line and let us know!



Dawson Precision is committed to provide our customers only the finest Concealed Carry Pistols and products available. Utilizing our vast knowledge from many years of competition shooting and gunsmithing, we know what works. This knowledge ensures when you purchase a Carry Gun from Dawson Precision it is a Gun that has been tested and zeroed for PERFECT IMPACT™.

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Figured out the beauty of the Kahr 9s many years ago, but I prefer the PM9. Going to do anything for them? Obviously things like sights would be interchangeable.

I'd like to see a hybrid front sight with a tritium dot in the center and a fiber optic tube surrounding it. Good for all light conditions.

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I'd suggest the addition of pocket guns (Kahr 380, Ruger LCP, etc.) and pocket holsters. I think pocket carry is the predominant method among non-gun industry working stiffs.

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