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Need a .38 spcl recipe

Robert King

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I need a little help with a recipe. I have only reloaded once before and am going to try again tonight. I have all R&P brass, Titegroup powder & Federal Primers. For bullets, I have 158gr RN Bear Creek Moly, 170gr RN Bear Creek Moly & 158gr Berrys Plated. Anyone have a good recipe to ensure I make over the 120 power factor I need? My first time loading only got me a power factor of 116 and of course, I can not find the paper that I wrote the powder measurement I used. Thank you...

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Minimum load for 170 grain Lead and Titegroup is 3.0 grains and will give you 800 fps , about 136 power factor.

1158 grain Lead would be 2.9 grains of Titegroup for 805 fps 127 pf.

Berry's plated you would need to up the load about 2/10 a grain.

These are from the current Lyman Pistol and Revolver loading manual on page 158.

You still need to chrono after you load, to test your data.

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