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Don't use all caps-it means you are shouting. If you really want to get a holster and mag pouches-try the vendors in the classified section. CPWSA, Velocity, Shooter's Connection off the top of my head. You will need 4 pouches and the holster. You will probably want a CRSpeed Belt , but it's not necessary. Good luck. You need earplugs and safety glasses as well.

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+1 on ready tactical pouches for production. Simple and very good prices. Get them from CPWSA. Bladetech DOH all the way for production. Have you registered with shooters connection? Go to their website and register as a customer then email them and tell them you are a forum member. They will set you up with special BE pricing. Get you mags from CDNN as they are usually the cheapest of the more reliable sellers.

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