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Newbie to the Cup

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I'm headed west next Friday. Have a wedding celebration on Saturday then on to the Cup. Packing up now, HOW much ammo to bring? I know 192 but figured extra would be nice or necessary. is 400 too much? Not enough?

Anything else other than magazines, holster rig, hat, rain gear, that I should bring? Has some brilliant computer savvy person put a checklist on the internet somewhere? Links appreciated.

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Im bringing between 500 and 1000, depending on how my reloading next week goes. Ive read mention of reporting to each stage with 100 rounds to account for a reshoot, + whatever you may want to shoot on the pracice range.

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Depends if you want to practice during the week out at the practice range. I normally take around 6000 rounds for practice & match ammo & will shoot a lot of it during the week. If you don't practice I would still take at least 3 or 4 times want you need in case of the unknown factors & for the side events.


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There is a fee practice range nearby, so bring plenty of ammo. I would bring a thousand minimum up to several thousand if you can swing it.

Bug spray, maybe sunscreen, some NRA AP-1 targets and pasters. They often sell targets at the practice range but never pasters. A chair, umbrella or pop canopy may be useful too. It's MO so it can go from cool and windy, torrential rain to desert sun in an hour! So bring water or something to drink!

Have fun enjoy the show, and if you need anything stop by the Virginia tent, we'll help as best we can

MJ :cheers:

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Bring a rain coat right now!!

Ticks are getting ready for you all. I got two first day up at the range. Bring bug spray!!

There is a small (4ft) snake living behind the PortaJohn on the dry fire area at the Bianchi Range. :surprise:

All turning targets have been thoroughly tested and are going real good as of last Friday. Never got a chance to check the lower mover (under maintenance), but the upper is running reasonably well.

If you bring lots of ammo and have to take some home that is way better than running yourself short when it all goes wrong.

See you soon

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Like Tony said....bring all the ammo you have...cause it's too far to go home and get more, and once you get there you find yourself shooting from dawn til dusk. The prac range is self mamnaged and self squadded and it works like a dream. It'is the best shooting week of the year.


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