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Nordic ar barrels

Dustin Lohof

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The Lilja is made from a Lilja blank to nordics specs.

The wilson is made from a wilson blank to nordics specs.

Never used either lilja or wilson barrel before, but from what I gather they are both top notch. It's up to you to decide if you want to spend the $100 for the Lilja.

The M4 cut extension is this:


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Thanks for the reply. It looks to me like the M4 cut is just more ramp for even better feeding reliability but you would have to have the cut in the receiver to make the M4 barrel cut compatible, right? If the M4 cut is better why doesn't everyone use it?

I might be going to Rapid City SD for a 6 week construction job and would be there the rest of May and all of June, any 3-gun matches to be had over in that area?


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I've shot rifles before with M4 cut extension and no M$ cut in the receiver that never had an issue with feeding. But it doesn't hurt it to have both M$ cuts in the receiver and extension.

I'm not really sure what happens in SD, lol. Sorry I can't help you there.

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When I worked for another rifle company, after assembling the barrel to the upper; we'd take a dremel tool with a bullet kraytex wheel and blend the feed lips of the barrel into the receiver. Basically making a std barrel extension into the M4 style. The benefit was having a high polished, lowered feed ramp....it just added to the reliability of the rifle. With a little work...you could do that to the Wilson barrel.

I personally use the Wilson and it shoots great!! The Lilja is going to be inherently more accurate down range, say past 300yds due the fact that having less lands in the rifling will not deform the bullet as much going down the barrel. Thats probably the number 1 reason behind the cost difference.

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