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The illumination in my Meopta broke during (actually on the way to) the BRM3G match.

When we got home I emailed Meopta about the issue. 45 mins later I have a reply from an account rep giving me return instructions and the scope goes back to Meopta a couple of days later.

Today they call me telling me that they havent been able to reproduce the issue, but since they hadnt heard of this issue before they wanted to keep my scope to run some more tests on in.

Of course my first thought is: "Great, now it will be weeks until I get it back"

That's when the rep tells me "Of course we don't want you to be without a scope, and we have no doubt that you had the issues you described, so we will be sending out a new scope to you today"

Customer service at it's finest.. :)

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My illumination was intermittent on my scope. I contacted them and told me to send it in. They were unable to replicate my problem, but sent me a brand new scope regardless. I had to wait about 2 weeks though because they didn't have any k-dots on hand at the time.

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Good to hear they are a stand up company, but how about y'all just keep those kinds of issues at home, OK? I've got 3 k-dots and all are 100%, so dont go puttin' any of that bad mo-jo out! It might be catching...


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