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The winter


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I curse the winter. Especially in Indiana. From November until mid March, shooting outside is nigh impossible under most circumstances. Dry firing is great to a point, but dear god I feel like I waste 3,000 rounds each spring just shaking the rust off.

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I'm sure that several folks from sunny Arizona will chime in here. But then we only had to cancel two matches here this winter. :cheers:



Sunny. 86* kind of windy though ;)

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people in AZ can bite me!!!!!

Its the 2nd week of may and we had frost warnings a day or two ago. rain ALL week (should hopefully be nice for the weekend match). I too hate the Indiana weather from November thru mid april. The only thing that keeps my hopes up during the winter is deer hunting season but that goes out the window in December. then its a cold crappy hell for 3-4 months :sick:

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