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Area 4 - factory ammo


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I have only been shooting USPSA for a short time (4 matches last year) and haven't shot in several months, I will be attending the Area 4 in North LA this year for the first time and will be shooting my new rig in Limited. I recently got a Glock 35 setup for Limited along with mags, belt, etc.

Anyway, I am just getting started with reloading and have not been able to work up a load and chrono it (as I don't have one), so what would be my best option for factor ammo to make major? Unless someone wants to chrono some loads for me this weekend.

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Well since you're so close to the match, Atlanta Arms and Ammo or Precision Delta is out of the question. Blazer 180 grain says it makes major easy (according to the site it's about 177-180pf) out of a 4inch barrel. And since it's readily available, it might be your best bet. I've used the aluminum cased stuff when a friend gave me a case. It didn't seem to flip TOO bad. However I never chrono'd it so I'm not positive about the pf. But with the 180 grain stuff making about 180 power factor, you've got a pretty good cushion.

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Pretty much any factory .40 load will be in the 175-180 PF range, which is plenty, plenty major. In fact, it's probably too major... so, no worries. WWB, UMC, American Eagle, Blazer... all should be good to go...

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I played with some Blazer(CCI) 180 and s hot it over my Chrony brand Chronograph. It was Amazingly consistant 6 shots were 3@1000 fps, 1 @ 989 fps, 1 @ 988 fps, and 1 @ 986 fps.

quite accurate too !


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Now that the match is nearly over, can you let us know what you used and what the p.f. was over the match chronograph?


I shot Remington UMC 180gr FMJ for the match. Chrono results were:


shot velocities: 954, 965, 961

avg: 960

PF: 172.9

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