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IMR or VV 3n38


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Hi all,

Has anyone got experience with IMRpowder and VV?

Last time i was at a match in Germany a fellowshooter let me shoot his gun SVI IMM open .38 super with IMRpowder.

This powder is very unknown in the Netherlands a lot of people use VV.

What is the counterpart of VV's 3n38 in IMR? And what are the felt differenses?

Regards Patrick

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Hi Patrick,

I don't know if it's a direct counterpart to the VV but I use IMR 4756 in both my 38 super open gun and also for my 9MM loads. Works great and doesn't break the bank.



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The real question here is - which IMR powder? Common racegun powders are 4756 and 7625 ;) I've used them both... 4756 is closer to 3N38, and 7625 is closer to something like 3N37 or N350, though they're not going to be one for one direct swaps... Here in the States, the IMR powders are a lot less expensive than the VV powder...

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I've run both and the felt differences between 4756 and 3N38 are minor enough that different people will prefer different ones. No clear "winner" on that. IMR is however more temperature sensitive than the VV.

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