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  1. 1+ for Talon...nice product. Put it on my M & P Core
  2. Does the cheely RTS2 mount comes with screws?  Thanks

    1. brytec


      Payment sent to your PayPal Jan.

      please send cheely RTS2 mount to:

      bryan tecson

      2660 regency court east

      St Charles IL 60175

      please LMK.  Thank you


    2. Jan R.

      Jan R.

      Hi Bryan

      You should have received tracking in your email.  It will go out today.  I included the screws from my gun as well.


    3. brytec


      Ok thank you

  3. Thanks....I felt dumb asking but you what they say, the only dumb question is the one you don't ask!
  4. I'm confused...are the targets set a yard apart or edge to edge? "...about a yard a apart, edge to edge."
  5. Hi Mat

    I have another Bedell open gun to sell. I know you had some interest in my last one. Let me know and I can email you the details.



  6. Hi,

    Interested in a Bedell open gun as a trade?



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