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Good afternoon,

I am looking into an airsoft for training.

I have been shooting idpa on and off for about 10 years.

I would like to find an airsoft as close to my match gun as possible.

I shoot a para 16-40 limited , bomar rear, dawson front, s&a magwell.

There seems to be many airsofts out there and I am looking for something that should run good.

Any advice on what and who to buy from would be great.



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My airsoft showed up today. I am surprised it is nicer than I expected and shoot pretty accurate for what it is. I was able to make 3" groups at 7 yds in rapid fire drills. One 10 second fill of green gas will run a 28 round mag and lock back on the last shot.

I also downloaded the surefire shottimmer app for my iphone and positioned just right it will pick up the airsoft being fired.

Look out guys I may get "good" one of these days :roflol:

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